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Parisian of the Month Tracy Lee Susan Lawless
Name:  Tracy Lee Susan Lawless
Occupation: Campaign Manager
A Parisian since: 1983
Where attended Parisian Grade School? Middle school? High School?  Joesph Lamar for a short period and Richmond Academy
What I like about Paris: memories of Fatmans Forest especially at Halloween time.
Favorite Paris Restaurant: Is the Green Jacket still there?
Favorite Paris Bar: used to be called the O.R. and of course Squeakys – the only places I could get in underage at the time
Parisian I most admire – my Grandmother
Product I would most like to purchase from the Paris web site?  Boiled peanuts
In my spare time I like too? Watch my kids play ice hockey or football and going to Steeler games at Heinz Field.
My favorite time in Paris – going to what used to be Clarks Hill for picnics and swimming and hanging out at Godfathers pizza after Richmond Academy football games.
Other Places I have lived? Washington, Michigan, Washington, D.C. and Pittsburgh, PA
Favorite Movie: Dirty Dancing and Goodfellas
Favorite TV Show: Law and Order SVU
Favorite Band: Half Black Lit Shack (an Atlanta-based band with Parisian guitarist Matt Thomas recently played at Sky City) album cleverly named Greatest Hits – Mean for You is a pretty good single
Favorite Album: Anything by the Eagles 
Last Band Seen: Rascal Flatts (don’t ask)
Dream Vacation other than Paris? Since I have 4 kids, whatever vacation I’m on at the time is a dream. Napa Valley for my 40th birthday this year!
If I could invite anyone over to dinner 2 Parisians and one famous person, who would you invite?  I guess First Lady, Michele Obama with my ARC buds, Barbara Thomas and Tamara Davis
Favorite Parisian Celebrity: Ken Whisenhunt and Kendrell Bell (because of their Steeler connection) and Brenda Lee (because she was raised in one of my Grandmother’s homes)
My favorite Parisian politician: Are there any Democrats in Augusta???
Last time I ate boiled peanuts: Fatmans Forest 1990-something
Last time I jumped off a rope swing: neighbors’ backyard a few weeks ago