Parisians have always been known to be an adventurous people. Hunting, Fishing, Golf, and Ultimate Fighting are just a few activities that are longtime Parisian favorites. Here are snapshots of their athletic and outdoor achievements. Email Us your sporting pictures and we will post them to the site (most recent photos at bottom).
Martin Englehardt catches giant redfish off Sullivans IS, SC
Jeb Murray catches Stripers
Braye Boardman scores a nice buck
Martin suits up for the San Diego Chargers
Doc Goodwin catches a trout in New Zealand
Deke at the pre-race meeting in Charlotte
Joe Penny Fights a Bull
King of Paris Breaks Loose
Lee Edwards catches Flying fish sailing in Atlantic
Jeff catches 30 inch redfish in Charleston Flats
Brooks Scurry Catches Salmon in Brooks River Alaska
Freeman Barber catches sail fish
Joey Hadden of North Paris lands a 10 lb, 1 oz bass
Rowland Dye Catches Bream in Briar Creek
Monster striper caught by Bill Hollingsworth in the Savannah River
Bill Hollingsworth Duck Hunt Phinizy Swamp
Larry Mize and friend climb Mount Everest
James Brown kills a Giant Bear
Pat McMahon cruises the Lake
William Harper gets a big Buck
Travis Johnson & Tom Cely get The "BIG CATCH"
Lindsay Russell a catches nice RedFish
Heath catches a monster RedFish
Al Adams and Friends duck hunt in Louisiana
The Weed Finish 3rd in the World Class Sailing Race Charleston to Bermuda
Trey Dausey & Jimmy Dye Catch World Class Blue Fin off Beaufort, NC
CNN Anchor Judy Woodruff shoots a bow behind her back
Parisian Hunters
Dawg Due in Charleston
Anderson catches his monster
Rock Out
Bryd gets the 17 1/2" inside spread
Low Country Red
Hunter Crose
Parisians visit the sand bar BAR
Swamp Buggy travels from Paris to Yamasee
Craig Comer catches Yellow fin 120 lbs.
Anderson catches Rooster fish
Jimmy Dye catches Pacific Sail Fish
Gary and Rhett bag 2 gobblers in south Richmond County
Rhett laughs at his Costa Rican Record over Travis Johnson and Tom Ceilys minnow
Thomas McCook's boat Shorter Pie Mega Dock Billfish Tournament took home the prize for the largest Dolphin
Ben catches a nice one in Montana
Drayton catches Browny
Parisian Wildlife migrate to Montana
John Sheehan catches one in Paris!
Joe Tillman, Ed Ferguson and Tommy Byrnes paying their respects to Mr. Willie Walker, father of Herschel, at his home in Wrightsville
Joe Tillaman and Andy Rainer quail hunting in Wrightsville, GA
Rob Buffaloe's 1949 Hudson Commodore convertible
Bryan Gawrych and friends win King Tournament in Charleston
Anna & Henry Marks III with Anna's 1st sailfish at Bill's Marina
Anna Marks fishing on the Cloud Nine I
Benji Mason catches a lobster circa 1975
Bill Thurmond jiving at Dylane
Daniel Marks unicycling
Anna Marks with some tarpon at Bill's Marina in Boca Grande
Daniel with melon in Guatemala
Paul & Katherine Dunbar and Anna Marks dove hunting outside of Waynesboro
Howard Merry and Tiger
Heath Timmerman catches red in the Flats
Paige Timmerman Balocki, Nascar superstar
Mr. Kerney  - 2004 Pro Bowler and Rock and Roller
Fred Sims catches a nice one
Jimmy Dye fishes in Africa
Rob Marrett catches large mouth
Brin Meredith catches wopper
Parisian sporting possibles Martn and Cooper in the Mt.
Cooper Fowler with Large Elk
Bill Hollingsworth catches monster on Mighty Savannah
Cary Chastain barefooting on Lake Sinclair      
Jonathan Anderson catches Tarpon  
Craig Stalnaker catches Redfish
Rhett kills a Monster in South Richmond County
Franklin Adams catches a 13 lb. redfish 
Franklin, Craig and Anderson Fish Panama
Jimmy Dye drinks a cold one in after a long day of fishing in Panama
Skibo Dorr reels in a 60 lb. catfish at the Pee Dee River
Scott Shearouse catches a 50 lb Fripp Island Red
3rd place win at the Georgia national field trial at Dilane plantation
Bo Moore catches monster Blue Marlin (490 lbs and 144 inches, 4.3 40 yard dash)
Alex Smith catches striper on Lake Lanier
Rob Buffaloe catches large striper on Lanier
Heath Timmerman & Mark Richt talkin' football
Parisians go mud bogging
Walt Moore catches a Cutthroat Trout in Wilson, WY
David "Bird" Lynch  bags a big one
Jimmy Dye And Mark Bragg snowboard in Driggs ID
Jimmy Dye Catches Ducks in ID
Cairo Cary Chastain “The thinker”
Jimmy Dye Catches 50 lb Dolphin
Alex Smith Catches nice Red behind Jekyll
Rain Barrels