Parisians have always been known to be a venturesome people. They love to travel to spread the good word about their homeland and culture. Here are snapshots of their adventures. Email Us your travel pictures and we will post them to the site (most recent photos at bottom).
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Paul Beckham bridge fishing in Key West
The Big Ragu and Bobby Burnham visit Boulder
Heath Timmerman visits the "other" Paris
John Salley "fishing" Kvichak River, Alaska
Brooks Scurry on the Brooks River, Alaska
JB takes a visit to Mount Rushmore
Pack of Parisians checking out the Great Wall of China
The Westside High State Champion Science Team enjoying the Shuttle Launch
It is what it is. I'm not going to answer that. Next question...
Bill “Hollywood” Hollingsworth fishes off the Carolina Coast
Braye Boardman and guest at the cabin
Braye Boardman and Brett Woodward enjoying the good life
Colin Kappler jets off to Barcelona
Michael Dorr selling vegi burritos at a blue grass festival in Portland, Oregon
Charlotte and Monica visit Napa Valley
Slovacks visit Paris during Olympic Ping Pong Competition
Buck, Heath, & Jed visit the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans
Honorary University of Georgia  graduate B. Spears travels the World
Jeff Jarrard on vacation in his own little place
Gwinn visits Malibu
Drayton Osteen reels 'em in in Montana
Will Cranz with dinner in Stuttgart, Arkansas
Calvin O'Keefe in action
Ben Moore catches the big one in Whitefish, Montana
Deke & Christina in Rome
George & Tom enjoy cocktails at the Nangpa Glacier
Brian & Paige visit Crested Butte
Parisians dancing in Charleston
Lara Albert fishes off the coast of Belize
Andrew, Lara, Margaret, & George at Banana Beach in Belize
Lara & Margaret in the Caribbean
Parisian man gets down on the beach
Parisian dawg of the year Luke travels to Athens
Carson visits the Mayan ruins in Tikal
Paris in North Paris
Parisian youngsters Cole & Drew visit the City of Clinton
Rick & Susan Thompson enjoy the Atlanta nightlife
Braye Boardman and Mayor Bob Young travel down the Mighty Savannah
Wade visits San Francisco
Parisians storm field after Cal’s win over UCLA
Parisians travel in mass to see Elvis at Smith's Old Bar
Doc Goodwin catches a trout in New Zealand
Bo, Rob and friends at a Dead Show - Soldier Field, Chicago
The McKnights visit San Francisco
John Albert visits Nebraska
The Timmermans visit San Francisco
Carson high-steppin' at Mt. Festival
Craig & Monica visit West Virginia
Charles visits historic Jim Nabors Highway
Ben Moore in Costa Rica
Parisian man enjoys a hotdog in Charleston, SC
CJ, Drew, & Dexter in Asheville, NC
Jimmy Dye catches David Eischeid stealing
Amanda, Dexter, & Mallory discuss their next vacation
large group of Parisians visit the beach
Bush Hoggin' in Birmingham
Dee Mertins in the Keys
Trey & Lauren Hargrove get dressed up for the Georgia/Florida game
'87 ARC grads visit Rome
Parisians at the SAE vs. KA '88 pledge game
The Eischeids in Aspen
The Eischeids checking in with customs on Deep Water Cay
Young Elvis & Meritt visit Athens
Parisian man gets caught up in an Iraqi riot
Bloodkin's Eric Carter takes a nap while on tour in Crested Butte, CO
Dave Nickel & his Bloodkin bandmate get some rest while on their 2004 US tour
Chain Saw and Slaby visit the Georgia coast
Parisians party in Athens, GA in 1983
Don McNeil on his way to an all-state honorable mention season for Thomson High in 1990
Parisians cook dinner while on vacation in the mountains
Morgan & Daniel in Athens, GA for their first ever Dawg game
Rob & Brin at the '88 pledge game
Anderson visits Mexico
Bobby Plays
Brin visits Aspen
Buffaloe at the pledge game
Parisians in Boulder, CO
Helmet Man in San Francisco
Jimmy Dye visits the party
Gillian & Megan at Telluride in 1990
Martin visits the Superbowl party
Parisians in LA
Kiefer with a female Parisian
Buffaloe meets Kendrell Bell's greatest supporter at the NFL draft
Rob runs pass patterns on the streets of New York
Cheryl visits California
Paige & Debbie in Seattle
Parisians visit Athens, GA to watch the Dawgs stomp on Alabama
Parisians visit Sullivans Island
Parisians at the Beaufort County Water Festival
SF man visits 49ers game
Shitty & Hollywood fish in Beaufort
Big Dave dives into Lake Tahoe
Trouble in Iraq
Parisian man enjoys the Kentucky Derby
Scott & Richard after a hard day on Pinehurst #8
Parisian newlyweds of the month Brian & Rachel travel to Pinehurst, NC to get hitched
Parisians hanging with the KING of Paris
Jimmy, John, & Sam visit the Richmond Academy football game
Brett Woodward, Parisian Stud
Gaines the Pilgrim
1985 Parisian Party of the Year
Ted Bundy & Todd in Salt Lake City
Parisians fishing in Alaska
Beach camping in Mexico
Brian Stock gives Gary Player a lift
Rick & Susan visit Breckenridge, CO
Forester visits Charlie in Vietnam
Pack of Parisians travel to The Twisted Taco to drink beer
Parisians at Wrestlemania
Davis O'Keefe wins big in Vegas
Whitney & Davis travel to Commerce, GA for the NHRA Southern Nationals Drag Race
Heath & Goldie in Aspen
Parisians oreo Yankee Man's car
Parisian Party
Rob Dancing in Athens
John & Ashley visit the White House
Loy at the LSU game
Paige & Ted Turner visit San Diego
Parisians in Big Paris
Parisians visit Nooga
Jam in Athens
sunburned Parisian falls asleep with a steak on his hip
Parisian eats steak and drinks beer in Yemasssee, SC
Albert in California
Brin in Telluride
Lew Baird in the Classic City
Parisans in Key West
Parisians in Napa
John Kelly & Family
Parisians on the mountain
Amy catches the Big One on Berry Island
Burt Sorrells "fishing" in the Gulf of Mexico
Jim Horne, Chad McGrath, and Bernard Bailey at Shinnecock Hills
Deke, Richard, Bert, & Scott play Yeaman's Hall in Charleston
Parisian gets some rest while on vacation in Yemassee, SC
Parisian man parties his ass off in Yemassee, SC
Parisian golfers in Charleston, SC
Parisian Dawg Fans at G-Day in Charleston 2004
Stewart & Winfield band parties with Germany Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder at the G8 Summit
Brad Milner & Burt Sorrells at the Pepsi 400 in Daytona
Ila Anderson & Kimberly Bernier in Jamaica
Parisians & Britney Spears in Atlanta
Todd Folley visits Hooters
Young Parisians Morgan & Daniel at Spankys' in Brunswick, GA
Parisians mass in Beaufort
Parisians in Athens
Jimmy heading out for a big night in Paris
Joey McMahon "looking good" in Athens, GA
Greg Whitfield uses his super powers to destroy all enemies of the Mighty Dawgs
Rhett & Lindsey in Athens for the big game
Alex Wier, Matt Deveny, Kevin Greene, & Webster backstage at a Def Leppard concert
Chad McGrath & a South Georgia Cottonmouth
Kimberly Bernier, Nichole Seigler, & superstar actor Chris Tucker in Sanford Stadium
Michael Dorr visits with Velvet Revolver
Scurvy Kearns & Pulpwood Smith rip some chords
Deke gets ready to race at Charlotte Motor Speedway
Scott cooks his world famous fried gator tail at Bulldog Bash XII
Franklin visits the Rockville Regatta - Part 1
Franklin visits the Rockville Regatta - Part 2
The early 80s Junk Yard Dogs Traveled all across the CSRA kickin' ass & takin' names
Rick & Susan hit the slopes in Tahoe
Carson far away from Paris
The Cardens visit Buckingham Palace
The Cardens show their school spirit at "The Bulldog" in Amsterdam
Mary Larkin & Gracie visit the Eiffel Tower in the "Other" Paris
Andrew Albert & an ole Mayan friend in Guatemala
Large group of Parisians visit the Atlanta Motor Speedway
Pat Wiggins sports her Paris of the South T-shirt at the big Nascar race
Paris of the South wins the Charleston Bride Run
Heath visits Elijay
The King plays for the Governor
SRD Reunion at Madison Square Garden
Parisian Girls visit the fake Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas
Parisians travel to the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party
The Godfather & Vince chillin'
Jed visits Athens
Parisians at the Heritage
More Parisians at the Heritage
Craig Comer visit Manuel Noriega in Panama
Carlos & JB jam out West
Drayton & Natasha in Montana
Fanklin visits USC Cheerleaders
Franklin and Marshall out on the town in Charleston
Chris Neal & Mr. Wash visit Europe
Katherine Smith & Peter Jennings
Rob Elvis Jordan
Malisa and Fulton visit Daytona
Parisians travel down the Yamasee River
Parisians embarking on their annual canoe trip down the Savannah River
Anthony Foster performs in Boulder
John Sally travels to Athens
Mary Larkin and Gracie Carden w/ Prince Albert of Monaco in Memphis
Mary Larkin and Gracie Carden pose with a 13-year old Elvis
Brett Woodward and Son travel to Athens
Charles, Sarah & Drew visit Athens
Tara Byrne travels to Athens for the Auburn game
Marshall Wood travels to Ole Miss
Bo Moore travels to UGA vs. Auburn
Charleston residents  visit Athens for Dawgs' victory over Auburn
Drew Burris jets to Athens for victory over Auburn
Tarek El Gammal & Mike "Big Dawg" Woods travel to Nashville to watch the Dawgs
Ron Hirson travles to Yosemite
Rob Buffaloe attacked by Tech Nerds
Rob Buffaloe and Jeff Jarrard visit with Dawg Super Fan
Elvis plays the ATL
Caroline Wiggins finally makes it into Sanford Stadium
Heath Timmerman and Dave Santoro at Roots in Sea Cliff on  Long Island, NY
Carter Smith and Lauren Klapper travel to Sonoma
Legendary Paris guitarist Steve Morse travels to the Redneck Mansion to rip some chords
Colin, Reavis and Hunter travel to the BVI
Lindsey Russell visits the other Paris
Chuck Hubbard circa 1985
The Dorrs visit Paris
Lee Merry and Family travel to Isle of Palms